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 Anime Requests

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PostSubject: Anime Requests   Sun Jan 06, 2008 10:29 pm

As you can see few anime tittles are already been created, but still we are lacking of tittles. Here members can request for more anime tittles in the General Anime Forums.

Requests Conditions:

  • Give some details on your posts, like why we'll have to create a forum to a tribute to your request. Or what we'll have to get from your request tittle.
  • Give some sources if you get it from the net(URLs, infos..etc..)
  • Make a poll for some members to vote if that really deserve a forum.
  • This is based on the highest member votes in polls.
  • Each every 2 months a new anime tittle will be added in th Anime General forum, and every 3 months there will be one that will be Removed.
  • It depends on the quality of the forum if it deserves to be removed or be put in the Archieves.
  • Inactive forum during 5 months will be removed.

Tha goes well then.. Mods or Admin are the one who will approved your requests, give them a week or so for them to decide. Please be patient.

Satoushi~ king


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Anime Requests
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