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 RPG Rules

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PostSubject: RPG Rules   Wed Jan 02, 2008 10:40 pm

HOW RPG WORKS (though this will be updated by RPG moderators):


There are still rules to follow inside the official RPG, and for those who does not know how to obey rules moderators have both eyes on you:

  • This is the major and most mentioned rule in all RPGs: NO INVINCIBLE OR GOD WILLED CHARACTERS. This will prevent the balance inside of each RPG.
  • As much as possible your post must be at least 100 characters long. In that way the RPG itself will be more alive not boring.
  • Your character will going interact with others character obviously; it depends on you on how you’ll interact with other’s character.

He feels hungry because of the long walk he takes. He decided to buy a burger in the nearest store; he sat under a big oak tree. “I wonder where everybody is” he said to himself while eating.

  • The next reaction of either your character or others character depends on the next poster. (But please don’t completely control others character’s movements or reactions).

Your post: He run fast to escaped from his enemy.
Others post: while his enemy tries to escape, he grabbed his enemy’s hand and they both fell down.

  • If you want to talk out of character, you must put OOC in your post. It’s either in this manner:
OOC>>>, OOC: or any manner you want. It depends on you. As long as the word OOC is there. This for other members of the RPG know if your on your character or not.


In making your RPG is just simple. There are things to consider in making your storyline, character setup, plot, etc….

  • Your storyline, character setup, etc. must be posted first in the RPG ideas and it’s up for the 1st.C.Anbus to approve or reject your work.
  • After the approval of your RPG, you can now make your official OOC/Recruitment chats in the OOC forum. From there, you can talk about anything from your RPG.
  • The more you take time and the more you put details in your storyline the more interesting it will be.
  • If the two procedures are done the moderator who approved the RPG will then PM the admin for the official RPG forum for the one he/she approved. And then, the one who created that RPG then has the full control of that forum. But, once that the admin or moderator that is in charge of that forum sees that the RPG is getting weaker (not active for a long time) they have the power to delete the forum itself.


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RPG Rules
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