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 Posting and Ban Conditions

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PostSubject: Posting and Ban Conditions   Wed Jan 02, 2008 10:39 pm

Successfully Updated on Fri 25 Jan 2008 - 20:16


There are Posting Conditions that you must follow inside. This is the one that Iím telling you at the upper Portion of the rules and FAQ:

  • As much as possible make your post informative to everyone.

  • DO NOT/NEVER post FOUL LANGUANGES; any one who caught posting such words will be given a corresponding warning or an immediate Ban.

  • Post relevant to the topic. Donít just post and post just to get more points, make a post that is beneficial to all of us. High Quality posts are required in each of the forum. So, if you donít want to get banned please obey rules. And please no double posting.

  • FAVORITE threads, as long as you explain why is that your favorite it is just fine, but if you just only list them down and then you just indicate that is your favorite, the threadís life is in dangerÖ the thread might be close if thatís the case.

  • Putting HTLMs, there are certain things but not all that are NOT ALLOWED in this forum, such are posting HENTAi pics, or any adult material. This site is for everyone including kids, so NEVER POST such things.

  • And one more thing, please give respect to your authorities admin, moderators, or some high status members they are more Knowledgeable than you are, so you should respect them as your superior. Though, an argument with an moderator with a member canít be avoidable.

  • NO PROMOTING OF ANY WEBSITE/FORUM. This is not a promoting forum for your sites/forum, so dont even bother to post any of it here(it will be deleted immediately).
Now, you have learned the rules and policies in this site. Sooner or later this will be updated.


Ban is no joke and of course its hard for us to give punishments to our members. Ban for us is a big and serious decision. We all want that all of us will be benefited not harming by this site. So, in order to make a just decision in banning there are things that we/you should put in mind. Well, this is for the Moderators that are given the power to give ban but you can also use these conditions for you to know the things you must do to avoid yourself from being banned.

  • If a member disobey the rules once, he/she will be given a first warning. But if he/she disobeys consecutively that is the only time weíll make our move. We can now either ban or entirely delete his/her in the boardís data.

  • Members that is seen unrespectful to their authorities and his fellow members must be given a warning and if this member conduct this kind of treat consecutive times, he/she may either be given a 2nd warning or much worst ban. RESPECT EVERYONE IS A MUST.


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Posting and Ban Conditions
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