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PostSubject: Ranking   Wed Jan 02, 2008 8:09 pm

Otaku Lounge is aimed to give information as well as to give entertainment to each one of us. It gives us the privilege to share our knowledge about our favorite anime to other people in the same purpose. As for a great site there must be rules to follow as well as enforcers to implement and to ensure that all can fully enjoy this community and that it maintains the maximum amount of order and tranquility. The following is a listing of the site leaders and the rules they will be enforcing:



  • Satoushi (Board Owner and Operator)
Known to be the "JUDGE." His duty is to facilitate and make sure the whole site is doing well. Has the power to make charges and rewards to those who meet nor unmeet the equirements of the site. This is through the promotion, advancement, and general upkeep of the site. This also includes the selection of the next set of "leaders" on the board:

Ninja Councilor

Advance Moderator. their duties are to observed and maintain the balance in each forum (they are allowed to close some threads that they think will not work). They can also give warning/ban to some members that is violating the rule in this forum, but, with the permission of the admin.


They are Moderators that is really acquainted with anime and of course their knowledge about anime should be wider than those of other members. They are the one who is designated to the Anime Section, as well as the Mixed Topics they will make sure that all the things that is conducted inside each forum will be well decent and not breaking the rules.

1st Class Anbu

They are the one who is responsible in the RPG section. They will facilitate the whole Section, making sure that everything is fine. They are also the one who's on the up keep of the poem and thoughts of the week. (Also have the power to warn members who's breaking rules).

2nd Class Anbu

They are the one who is incharge of the graphics and music section.

But don't worry all of us will decide whether that member deserved a kick out. And there are certain rules that serve as the guide to decide if he really commits a serious violation.The Admin is currently looking for the right persons who can fit in this Ranks, as for now he is waiting for some users to show there abilities in forum discussion.


Of course this forum aimed to give excitement to all f us�. So, we have the Members Ranking. This will help us to determine your status in the site. This is ordered according to the highest to lowest:

Tokubetsu Jounin

-And of course, the highest member ranking. You must acquire more than 1300 post before advancing to this Rank.


-You'll be able to advance to the Chuunin level after getting 800 posts.


-Jounin is the third in rank, you must first get 300 posts before advancing to this Rank.


-This will be the second lowest Rank. In order to advance in this status, you must first get a 50 post.

Academy Student

-This Rank is the lowest of all and obviously this is your status when you re newly registered to the site.

After getting the tittle of Tokubetsu Jounin, you are now able to make your customize Rank tittle(details Click Here). And if you'll keep up the good work you might be on the future lists of Admins and moderators.


No spams shall live!!!!!!??
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